What We Do:

  • Training and Professional Development for Organizations
  • Creative Thinking Workshops for Children and Adults
  • Mind Booster Art to Create a Mind-Friendly Environment

Specialty Training:

  • Required Training for Childcare Providers and Directors Certification
  • Individual Consultations for Childcare Directors and Administrators
  • CPR, First Aid, AED Training, and BLS Training for Healthcare Professionals
  • CDA Credential (Child Development Associate )
  • MAT (Medication Administration Training)
  • ACEs (Adverse childhood experiences)

Who We Are:

Oz Credo, Inc. is an Institute of Creative Thinking, a training and consulting company that provides comprehensive tools, training, workshops, and coaching on creative decision-making and problem solving. It is the Center of Creative Thinking and Unlimited Possibilities, and it offers individuals unique methods for discovering and enhancing their ability to think creatively, quickly solve problems, and adapt to their rapidly changing environments.

The art of thinking is our specialty. The inability to think creatively, solve problems quickly, and adapt to rapid environmental changes poses a real threat to your well-being. These inabilities can intensify stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, performance inhibition, unhappiness, professional failure, and much more. Fortunately, we can help! 

Oz Credo, Inc. was founded by Olga Zbarskaya, PhD, a scholar, administrator, consultant, and internationally published author. Dr. Zbarskaya is an expert in the areas of mental fitness, creative thinking, problem solving, and decision-making. In addition to publishing articles and books, she has developed curricula for multiple organizations and professionals from diverse backgrounds to enhance their level of success through cortical stimulation and metaphorical thinking, and by making their environment more conducive to creativity.

OZCREDO offers you life-changing experiences including workshops, long-term consulting, and coaching on creative thinking for individuals, groups, and companies. We will provide you with the most effective research-based techniques to improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills as well as your abilities to administrate and elaborate ideas, make connections among them, and predict by patterns. You will not believe how much easier your day-to-day life will become and how much happier you will feel!

Are you ready to improve your business and life performance? Then discover what unleashing your creative power can do for you!
Enjoy our exclusive fun training, consulting, and workshops on empowering creative thinking. We will help you realize your own liberated genius, turn your weaknesses into strengths, solve problems, make great choices, build and enhance leadership skills, and overcome barriers to success.

We recognize the importance of professional development for educators, childcare and healthcare administrators and providers. One of our initiatives is providing the required by NYS OCFS regulations 30 hours of training for childcare directors and providers. We also provide CPR, First Aid, AED Training, and BLS Training for Healthcare & Public Safety for all! Our Early Childhood and School-Age Professional Development Specialists and Certified through the Red Cross Trainers will assist you in obtaining or renewing your certificate and apply for EIP (training reimbursement).


Creative thinking and professional development will help you overcome your fears and self-limitations, become healthier and more successful, and fulfill your dreams. It will also assist you in handling difficult situations, communicating effectively, and making great decisions. We will help you celebrate an inventive way to live!

Our Mission:

Provide quality, cost-effective training, consulting, and environment to increase individual and organizational productivity and success in diverse communities.

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Our Goals:

  • Assist organizations (educational institutions, nonprofit sectors, etc.) in establishing creativity as part of daily routines to reach smarter  solutions and better outcomes.
  • Become a reliable community resource for children, youth, individuals with special needs, adults, elderly people, veterans, etc., providing them a platform for sharing their challenges and supporting them in finding solutions to their problems.
  • Develop infrastructure and support, including research, consulting, teaching, coaching, service, and partnerships with health care, mental health, and educational institutions along with government and nonprofit sectors to increase efficiency, improve quality, and raise productivity.
  • Provide training and certification for childcare administrators, providers, educators, healthcare professionals, and other individuals
  • Promote Mind Booster Art to help building an environment, which increases motivation, improves attitude, increases productivity, and diminishes anxiety in hospitals, educational institutions, offices, and other facilities.

Our Guidelines:  

  • We allow integrity and honesty to guide all phases of the client-consultant relationship from the exploratory meeting to final delivery.
  • We ensure that clients attain cost-effective services and results-oriented solutions.
  • We are committed to promoting creative and critical thinking.
  • We value fairness, respect, compassion, and professional and scholarly ethics among staff and services recipients.
  • We celebrate cultural, individual, and role-based differences, including those related to age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, etc.
  • We value open communication and collaboration within and across organizations and communities.

Business Philosophy

Many individuals and organizations cannot keep pace with the rapid environmental changes in contemporary society. Family issues, relationship difficulties, traumatic experiences, failures, and losses often lead people to feel overwhelmed by their emotional responses, to the point they may develop insomnia and depression.

Without effective problem-solving and coping skills, people who are suffering often turn to unnecessary psychotropic medications with life-long negative side effects, and they may develop suicidal thoughts. Even when personal inflexibility does not result in such dire consequences, its negative impact can still be witnessed in many common problems. The inability to implement techniques for simple thinking and changing perspectives shows up in poor daily performance, anxiety, inability to lead, failure, and more.

There is a parallel process seen in organizations. The inability to fulfill growing demands, lack of resources and trained staff, and constantly changing requirements drive companies to their own anxiety and depression. Anxious and overwhelmed leaders and staff disturb and unbalance the entire business structure. There is a positive outcome of the new policies, technologies, perspectives, and demands in the fields of career and personal life: they can yield flexible mindsets, original ideas, and new approaches.

The OZCREDO Incorporation was formed to assist every individual and organization overwhelmed by taxing experiences, major changes, or losses. We will provide every person, group, and organization with the most valuable and effective solutions. OZCREDO experts will teach you how to improve your performance and succeed. We will help everyone create an improvement plan and coach on every stage toward discovering a new happy and successful version.


Company Strengths and Core Competencies

OZCREDO is the only organization that teaches productive thinking, flexible and fluent problem solving, pattern prediction, and how to discover potential and reach maximum abilities. The major competitive strength of the company is a solid, research-based individualized approach toward one’s unique possibilities, needs, and priorities. The president, Dr. Olga Zbarskaya, brings years of administrative experience and research in creative thinking and self-determination along with a deep understanding of human development, abilities, problem solving, decision-making, trauma-informed practices, leadership, and professional and organizational development. OZCREDO works with the most highly regarded experts from various fields, including but not limited to psychology, health care, education, social work, arts, and business, to create interdisciplinary collaborative teams to work with individuals and organizations based on their personal goals and needs. The company offers short- and long-term collaboration to ensure clients’ satisfaction. OZCREDO provides wrap-around services to make sure individuals and organizations meet their goals!

Mind Booster Art 
One of our products to promote your creative thinking in a mind friendly environment is Mind Booster Art, which was invented to enhance positive human experiences in a multitude of environments by stimulating the brain’s pleasure pathways. Various combinations of shapes, forms, colors, textures, dynamic, patterns, and effects of these images can influence and encourage your innovative skills, flexible thinking, and imagination. Mind Booster Art is truly a revolutionary breakthrough in art and interior design! This artwork not only enlivens any room and redefine your living style but also helps you gain confidence, improve self-determination, decrease your level of anxiety, and much more based on your individual needs. Wherever they are used, they will help you stimulate the thought process, prevent depression, improve decision-making, build self-esteem, and much more. Please visit our Mind Booster Art department and gallery to experience OZCREDO Mind Booster Art!