AMAZING! Our medical facility incorporated mind booster art to promote positive energy and attitude among our medical staff and patients. When you go to a museum, you see paintings that look back at you and provide information, so you try to analyze, understand, and feel them. Mind Booster Art is completely different! It feels like the light flies into your body with amazing energy causing a perfect storm of emotions that require some time to understand (I. Shnaydman, Medical Office Administrator, Jackson Heights, NY)

INSPIRING! As a personal owner of several pieces of the Mind Booster TM art, I can attest to their efficacy. One of Dr. Zbarskaya’s pieces motivates me. The fiery undertones and splash of bright color rousing me to action. Another calms me. With lilacs dispersed throughout the canvas, that are modified and blended in the Mindbooster TM fashion, I get lost in the painting’s waves of soothing purple. I often look at the latter piece, which I keep in my study, when I am having a particularly stressful day at work. It keeps me centered. Mind Booster Art is truly inspiring! It provides a blueprint for the potential future of emotional wellness. The world is definitely in need of this new approach to emotional maintenance. (J. Pierre-Louis, Esq. Attorney at Law)

BEAUTIFUL! We placed the mind booster art in one of our offices. Typically, patients are afraid of dentists, but since that time, as your beautiful art hangs, we began to notice that patients are much calmer and they are listening to the doctor. They are too busy discovering amusing combinations of colors and shapes. We are very happy and grateful that we purchased mind booster art (G. Gelb, DDS, New York)     

ENERGETIC! It was a college professor who asked me: Where did you get this art from? He was pointing at the Mind Booster art, illustrating a colorful wave at the wall in the Recovery Room. He told me that it caught his imagination and  brought him energy. This art is like a good music. It supports people. It relieves stress. It energizes. This is important for my patients! (Y. Perper, MD, Astoria Pain Management, New York)

SOOTHING! I currently work in one of the Top hospitals in NY and during this tough time of battling COVID-19 I often found myself admiring Olga’s amazing work, and it almost transported me to a land of happiness because the colors bring a euphoric feeling and makes the body feel so calm and relaxed. Mind booster art to me is both soothing and relaxing. Looking into the art gives you endless possibilities of happiness. This is my experience with Mind Booster art by extremely talented and extraordinary artist.  Many vibrant colors and objects that Olga uses work perfectly in harmony.  I would recommend this art to anyone because of the feel of happiness it gives. This art is loved and appreciated by many!  Thank you, Olga, for bringing this art to me and to the world. (P. Khrapunovich, RRT, NPS, New York Presbyterian Hospital Respiratory Therapist)

PLEASANT! Since I implemented mind booster art into my office, these vibrant masterpieces pleasantly surprise and distract my patients. Even those patients with serious dental phobias got lost in this multi-dimensional art while forgetting their fears. This art created a more pleasant and less stressful experience for both the patients and doctors. It helped me to perform dental procedures with less stress. It re-channeled my patients’ attention and  made my job easier. This art made my office warmer and more welcoming (R. K. Fishler, DDS)

JOYFUL! This art is amazing! It brought warm sunlight, fresh cool air, the sound of forest creek, and the smell of cut grass to my medical office… I am looking at Mind Booster art and I am enjoying every moment of it. I feel relaxed and strong enough to go ahead with my duties. Many thanks to Olga for her incredible talents! (Y. Karmazin, MD, Internal Medicine Specialist)

HEALING! Looking at the pictures immerses you in an alternate reality, distracting you from perpetual worry while stimulating the brain to focus on creative healing. Olga’s imagery is amazing! Her abstract art allows the viewer to manifest his or her own inner world and get lost in the infinite potential of color and depth (Y. Ivanov, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

ILLUMINATING! On the wall of my office hangs one of Mind Booster Art paintings and visitors to my office continue to interpret the work of art in different but illuminating ways: “… colorful communication patterns wired for tranquility,” said John, my friend. Sometimes, I look at the painting to get energy especially when I’m writing and thinking of the best word to convey meaning or thought.” (U. Ekwo, Ph.D., Educator, Research Faculty, SUNY)

STIMULATING! I found Mind Booster Art innovative and stimulating. This vivid design not only invigorated my offices and rooms but also brought excitement. While some of the images boosted motivation, imagination, and positive attitude, the others promoted relaxation and comfort (Y. Doljansky, Educator, MA, MPA, STL President)

POSITIVE! Mind booster art had a strong positive impact on children. I have incorporated these vivid images with lively shapes and unusual compositions into my educational interior design to boost creativity and imagination of children as well as improve their mood and emotions (J. Kagan, Buzzing Scholars Director, Educator)

BLISSFUL! Tranquil and Blissful!  I have always been a fan of Dr. Zbarskaya’s art.  I was fortunate to see some of her amazing abstract art.  I recently bumped into her Mind booster art and I was astonished with her use of colors and techniques.  I now changed my living environment with BLISS.  The level of light and tranquility the pieces brought to the space is an experience of peacefulness. (K. Singh, Financial and Corporate Compliance Executive)