Art Workshops & Classes For All!

We provide fun art and creativity classes for children and adults. These art classes are much more than art. During these classes, participants will learn how to create a mind friendly and harmonious environment and re-channel their negative emotions into amazing artwork. Moreover, they will earn about the influence of art on society and people’s mood.  They will understand how shapes, colors, and contrast intensity our emotions. Students will practice how to use different characteristics of art such as rhythm, pattern, dynamic, etc. to maximize their emotional response. During these fun but very informative classes, our participants will get an opportunity to learn and improve different artistic technics to create amazing art pieces. Moreover, they will learn creative problem-solving skills through the art. Participants will develop skills that will help them succeed in other areas of life. We have groups for children and adults. We also accommodate our art curriculum for those with special needs and requests. Regardless of their age and priorities, all of our participants will have unforgettable time and priceless experience.