Creativity Workshop for Children and Youth

We provide this workshop for childcare centers, after-school programs, educational institutions, foster care agencies, preventive care, and other companies. This workshops (1-3 hours) is a lot of fun! Nevertheless, children and youth will become more creative through fun exercises, games, brainstorm, role play, etc.  We work with anyone who is curious and is willing to explore his or her own creative abilities and reach highest potential. As a result, children and youth will unlock their creativity and become more flexible, fluent, and original through exercises, conversations, role-play, mind booster art, etc. To help them improve their problem solving skills and become successful in life, we incorporate exercises that change their pattern of thinking, teaches cause and effect, logic, decision making, and much more through music, poetry, writing, painting, associations, map-making, constructive daydreaming, photography, and more. This workshop is great for children in foster-care and preventive services and for those with  PTSD and anxiety. This workshop is a simple and fun step-by-step guide on the basic principles of creative thinking and mind mapping. This workshop is hands-on and a lot of fun. It will help participants to think smarter, learn faster, memorize better, and communicate more effectively.  Multiple exercises and fun activities during this workshop will help participants relax, provide a sense of control,  reduce fears, assist in socialization, encourage playfulness and a sense of humor, improve cognition, offer sensory stimulation, foster a stronger sense of identity, increase self-esteem, reduce boredom, and improve self-determination. This workshop will overall improve participants attitude and decision-making ability. It will assist children and youth in making better choices and succeed!