Creativity Workshop for Professionals and Administrators

This workshops is hands-on and it is provided in both a full-day and half-day format. During this training participants will learn about different theories of and approached towards creative thinking. They will understand how creative thinking may improve business flow and productivity. They will learn about effective communication, planning, organization, fluency and flexibility at work. Participants will practice role-play, brainstorm, idea analyzes, elaboration, teamwork, and various methods of overcoming roadblocks and boosting successful decision-making. This workshop is highly recommended for professionals to boost their productivity and problem solving as well as recognize idea killers and value great ideas at work.  A special version of this workshop is created for administrators to emphasize various techniques that allow successful administration and human resources coordination. This workshop is a simple and fun step-by-step guide on the basic principles of creative thinking and mind mapping. This workshop is hands-on and a lot of fun. It will help participants to think smarter, learn faster, memorize better, and communicate more effectively. Multiple exercises and fun activities during this workshop will help participants relax, provide a sense of control,  reduce depression and anxiety, assist in socialization, encourage playfulness and a sense of humor, improve cognition, offer sensory stimulation, foster a stronger sense of identity, increase self-esteem, nurture spirituality, reduce boredom, and improve self-determination and organizational skills.